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3/1/2005 - Released ndCMS v0.4rc1 - Updated UI, Added Express Edit Mode, Updated internal WYSIWYG editor and some minor bug fixes.

11/10/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.3.2 - Switch database wrapper to MaxVirtual.Data Universal database wrapper that now opens up ndCMS to use just about any major database distribution.

11/7/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.3 - Wrapped up in a new GUI and added template manager.

10/8/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.2.6 - Adds enhanced security and session clean-up.

9/24/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.2 - Major rebuild. Adds role based accounts and content. Fixes SQL date bug (thanks Damian).

8/3/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.1.4 - Fixes small bug on the demo front end page. Bug did not affect CMS functionality.

7/16/2004 - Released ndCMS v0.1.3 - Adds Friendly URLs, Event Log and fixes file rename bug (file that contained spaces in their names would not rename)

7/13/2004 - First initial release (ndCMS v0.1) made public thanks to sourceforge.net

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