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Introduction to ndCMS  

Nickel and Dime Content Management System (ndCMS)

ndCMS is a ASP.net (C#) content management system that features a roles based user manager, file manager, a WYSIWYG editor, template manager, spell checker, search engine friendly URLs and built-in http compression. The goal of ndCMS is to provide a quick and easy way to deploy a .net website while saving you time and money.

ndCMS utilizes the MaxVirtual.Data database wrapper which enables ndCMS to be run off of a number of different databases (Oracle MSSQL, Access, MySQL, SQLite, etc. etc). The switch can be made in a matter of minutes (just port your data over, make a couple changes in the config files, then tailor the sql statements to suit your database).

Paying Credit Where Credit is Due

ndCMS would not have been possible without the following open source developments. If you find ndCMS useful and feel compelled to donate (hasn't happened yet) please do not forget these other initiatives:


  • Timothy Bell
  • Damian O'Brien (SQL datetime fix)

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